Timo Bronn

Name: Timo Bronn


 Email: Timo.Bronn@EuroKickers.com
 Instagram: timobronn

NCAA numer:   1709888653

Stats 2017:  FG: 3/4; PAT 38/41; 

Date of Birth: 23rd of November1998

Date of Graduation: June 2017

High School: Wirtemberg-Gymnasium Stuttgart-Untertürkheim

Grades: SAT: 1080,  GPA: 3.0

Weight/Height:  72kg (158lb)/1,80m (5,9ft)

Teams: Stuttgart Scorpions (J-GFL/GFL)

Coaches Feedback: 

  • very consistent and coachable kicker, made the transition from kicking field goals off the plat to kicking from the ground without any problems
  • attended Chris Sailer's Camp in NC in March 2018, his performance put his name on the "Top 2018 prospects" List" (LINK)

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