Name: William Testa


 Email: William.Testa@EuroKickers.com
 Instagram: william_testaa

 Twitter: @WilliamTesta10

NCAA numer: 1708862942

Stats 2017:  FG: 4/6 (1 blocked, 1 missed); PAT 23/26(2 blocked, 1 missed); 44 Kick Offs(14 Touch Backs)

Date of Birth: 30th of January 1998

Date of Graduation: June 2017

High School: G.B. RUBINI

Grades: SAT: 880 , GPA: 2.8

Weight/Height: 191lbs/5'9ft

Teams: Bergamo Lions; U19 Team Blue (Italian National Team)

Coaches Feedback: 

  • Very hard worker, team player and very coachable player. William has one of the strongest legs in Europe in his age class.
  • Summer of 2016, the city of Turin, Italy, hosted the whole CAL BERKELEY coaching staff on the occasion of "Torino is bear Territory" a skills camp managed by the local team. The kicking was handled by Giorgio Tavecchio the current Oakland Raiders kicker, William won the FG competition, 8/10 and was select as a Best Kicker.

Highlight Video Links:  

Workouts 2018/2019:
  • The Kick Off that won the KickingWorld Showcase Camp Kick Off Competition in Austin, Texas 11th of December 2017  Click here
  • Feb50, Kornblue Kicking

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