About EuroKickers.com

Dedicated to provide the best opportunity to learn and improve Kicking and Punting, Christoph Kipperer and his coaching colleagues at EuroKickers.com offer extensive concepts, which will lead to immediate improvement of the kicking skills. The sequences of the different kicks are explained step-by-step with appropriate exercises. These methods and principles are an important manual for the future carrers of the camp attendees.

No Kickers or Punters are the same, that’s why we don’t force a “one size fits all” solution onto the athletes. Every Kicker gets individual advices, specific to his ability, his demands and his goals. We are also available for questions and advices for our former Campers outside of the kicking camps.

Talented Kickers, who want to play a season in the USA or even aspire to earn a scholarship, can benefit from our connections to College and High School Coaches or other Kicking Coaches in the USA.