EuroKickers in the USA

The main goal of, besides raising the level of Specialists in Europe, is to assist talented Kickers and Punters to play High School or College Football and even get the chance to earn a Full Ride Scholarship in USA. So it doesn't matter, if you want to go to an American High School on a 10 months exchange program, if you want to play College Football at a Junior College or if you want to  compete for a scholarship at the Div.1 Level, EuroKickers has the connections and can assist you. 

Most important for college football is:
  • get early exposure, age group 15 to 18,  game film/practice film
  • start the NCAA clearing process early enough (SAT test, translating transcripts ...)
  • consider the NCAA rules regarding eligibility etc.
Whatever your goal is, EuroKickers will evaluate you during the Camps and will give you an honest feedback regarding your kicking skills and your possibilities on playing football in the USA. If you have any questions, please send a mail to or use the form on the "Contact" page!