Balàzs Horvàth

Name: Balàzs Horvàth



NCAA numer: -

Stats 2019:  FG: 6/7 (1 blocked); PAT 36/36, 5 successful Onside Kicks; 

      Hungarian National Team (vs. Belgium and Spain) 5/6 PAT (1 blocked) and 4/5 FG

Date of Birth: 21st of April 1996

Date of Graduation: June 2014

High School: 

Grades: SAT:  , GPA: 

Weight/Height: 189lbs/5'9ft

Teams: Györ Sharks and Hungarian National Team

Coaches Feedback: 

  • Very hard worker, team player and very coachable player. 
  • He is a converted soccer player, very powerful, worked hard over the last year and is very good on all 3 Kicks. 

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