EuroKickers - US College Tour 2020


Excited to announce that EuroKickers is currently planning a trip to the USA in Summer(June) of 2020, to visit several Div.1, FBS and FCS, Specialist Summer Camps. The different schools will release their camp dates in January and February of 2020, so we have not defined the destinations yet.

Starting at Camp Salzburg, 30th of November to 1st of December 2019, Kickers and Punters can earn an invite to the "EuroKickers US Camp Tour 2020"! The best Kicker or Punter wins a free tripincluding Flight, US tour and Camp Fees. Eligible are all Kickers and Punters older than 17 years of age and available college eligibility(Link to NCAA page)! Additional information will be provided during the regional EuroKickers Camps!

Use the first chance to make an impression, sign up for Camp Salzburg! There will only be a couple of EuroKickers Camps throughout Europe in Winter/Spring of 2020, where you have a chance to qualify for the "EuroKickers US Camp Tour 2020" or even win the free trip. 

Let the competition begin!